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Eco-friendly Products

Armstrong Homes has made a commitment to protecting our environment. We recognize that with the construction of each new home our forestry supply is reduced, not simply with the use of wood building materials, but in land development, as well. It becomes important that our suppliers are doing business with companies that actively are involved in replacement programs for the natural resources that are being depleted. Further, Mr. Armstrong chooses only subdivisions where the preservation of trees and wetlands are given a high priority.

Customers will discover that our models are a showcase for new products and concepts that are attractive, innovative, environmentally friendly, as well as highly efficient.



Did You Know?
Environmentally-Friendly Tips

  • Flooring - use bamboo instead of wood from trees. "Bamboo is a fast-growing grass - not wood - that needs to be harvested every 3-4 years or it's wasted. It's durable and comes in a variety of shades."
  • Mulch - try a recycled mulch made from rubber tires. It is a good choice in the garden and children's play areas. "It lasts up to 10 years without the need for replacement, and it comes in colors that accent your home and garden stock."
  • Energy-Efficient Design - Homes that are sited with careful attention to solar angles, prevailing breezes, and natural shade can increase energy savings by up to 50% or more, to say nothing of how much more comfortable they are to live in.
  • Adhesives - A wood-products researcher noticed the tenacious hold that mussels have on rocks, and he developed an adhesive made from soy flour and the same amino acids that provide mussels their sticking power. The new adhesive is already replacing formaldehyde-based adhesives in plywood and particleboard from Columbia Forest Products.



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