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After Move-in/Warranty

The long awaited event has finally come - move-in day! The house has been cleaned, a final walk-through has been done, and the builder has been paid in full. The wait was worth it, but what if something goes wrong? Will the builder be there to fix it? What is a reasonable time frame for these repairs?

Armstrong Homes knows how important your new home is and we acknowledge that occasionally things do go wrong after move-in. The remedy is letting us know as soon as possible so that we may address the issue appropriately. If a furnace stops running in the middle of winter or a toilet begins to leak, we would initiate immediate repair. If 1 outlet out of 15 in your kitchen isn't working or a door keeps swinging open, these issues would be addressed with other small items at one time.

Our purchase agreement thoroughly speaks to warranty issues so that all your warranty questions can be addressed in the very beginning. We work very hard to meet our homeowners' needs after move-in and recognize that each new home represents a family's greatest investment.

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